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Hero Honda new Karizma ZMR with pgm fi technology could not scattered  its power, in Yamaha r15 and Bajaj 220 Karizma may not so popular because of its prize 91000/ and not much sporty look Karizma could not rock on Indian road.

In 2003 there was Karizma . in 2007 came Karizma R and now 2009 karizma ZMR with programmed fuel ignition technology. Karizma ZMR having same engine specification but look wise some changes in this bike . there is full face fairing style as looks in Yamaha Fazer and on fairing ZMR font style impressed by Suzuki Hayabusa’s font look. Karizma ZMR have totally digital meter , in old karizma it was a analogue  and digital.there is one extra feature on meter i.e  customized welcome note , suppose ‘P’ have this bike  then it shows welcome P something like that.suspension and sitting is cool and safe as generally looks in Hero Honda’s bikes. ZMR having power of 18.35 nm torque which is less then new 220.it gives smooth ride  also on dirt road. overall good bike by Hero Honda except of its prize.





IMG_9078New_Karizma_ZMR_red_834  New_Karizma_ZMR_red New_Karizma_ZMR_red1

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New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi g



Wait for new karizma by Hero Honda of bikers stop here , Hero Honda launched its new Karizma ZMR in Indian market . new karizma came with new look different from old karizma R. technical specifications are almost same there is programmed fuel injection may it will beat the new pulsar 220.

The major  change of karizma bike which is look, immediately in bike that is a sticker of ZMR on front fairing inspired by Hayabusa, head light, tail light (LED) looking as in cbz xtreme ,

New karizma engine powered by the same 223cc and maximum power to 17.6 Bhp at 7000 rpm, and the maximum torque is now 18.50 Nm . company claimed that the top speed of the karizma is 135kmph which is less than to new 220 which has 144 kmph Of top speed.

New Hero Honda Karizma Fi has been priced at Rs. 91,000 (Ex-Showroom New Delhi).

Features of new karizma zmr listed below

Split Clip On Handle Bars

Fuel Injection

Liquid Cooling

Gas Charged Shock Absorbers

Rear Disc Brakes

Turn Indicators Mounted On Front Fairing

New rear mud guard

Bank Angel Sensor

New Graphics

Full Fairing

Mirrors mounted on the fairing

Split rear grab rails

New headlamp and tail lamp


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new_hero_honda_karizma_zmr_fi New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi 7 New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi g New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi.. New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi.... New_Karizma_ZMR_Fi_.    new karizma zmr fi x new karizma zmr fisw New_Hero_Honda_Karizma_ZMR_210909_111 New_Hero_Honda_Karizma_ZMR_210909_112 New_Hero_Honda_Karizma_ZMR_210909_113 New_Hero_Honda_Karizma_ZMR_210909_114 New_Karizma_ZMR_blue_shade_2 New_Karizma_ZMR_blue_shade_3 New_Karizma_ZMR_blue_shade_4 New_Karizma_ZMR_red_shade_1 new karizma zmr fi new karizma zmr fi    s new karizma zmr fi   a new karizma zmr fi   r new karizma zmr fi  s

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There is a rumor that hero Honda launching its upgraded version of karizma R named Karizma fi. Its expected that engine specification that 223cc, 4 strike, PGM-fi,which gives maximum power 19.5 bhp@ 7500 rpm and maximum torque 20 nm @6500 rpm . major change in engine is programmed fuel injection and also there is rear disc brake. Priced expected Rs. 85000(may vary) .some new features are Programmable Fuel Injection, New rear mud guard  , Gas Charged Shock Absorbers, New headlamp and tail lamp which is now LED , Split Clip On Handle Bars , Mirrors mounted on the fairing .

Its very well defined power bike which may beat recently launched bike pulsar 220 and apache.


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new_hero_honda_karizma_pgm_fi new_hero_honda_karizma_pgm_fi_2 new_hero_honda_karizma_pgm_fi_3 new_hero_honda_karizma_zmr new_hero_honda_karizma_zmr _2 new_hero_honda_karizma_zmr _3 new_hero_honda_karizma_zmr _4

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