Endo (Stoppie)




Leap Of Death



Reverse Christ


Jedi Knight

Tank handstand

switch back hand stand




cross up burn out

Lay-Z Boy


The Canadian Spin

The Droppie


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Side Saddle wheelie

sidesaddle Tank wheelie


Candy Bar / Banana Split

Crossed Highchair wheelie


12’O Clock Wheelie

10’O clock Wheelie


Rear Peg Wheelie

one legged side wheelie



One Handed Superman Wheelie

Surfer-Boy Wheelie

LAzy-E Boy Wheelie

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Rolling Endo

Crowning Endo/cross up Stoppie

Tank Stoppie

Fender Grab Stoppie

Tail Grab Stoppie

Skitch Stoppie

Crossed-over Stoppie

Weber Stoppie

Sloppy Stoppie

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Wheelie: to raise the front wheel off the ground and ride only on the rear wheel

SIT DOWN WHEELIE – a simple wheelie

STAND UP WHEELIE – stand on foot rest and do wheelie

NAC NAC -stand up wheelie with right leg behind left leg sticking out to the left side.

CAN CAN – reverse of a Nac Nac, with right leg IN FRONT of left leg sticking out.

NOSE GRAB -Stand up wheelie with left hand over the windscreen grabbing nose of bike.

FENDER GRAB – same as nose grab. slightly harder stunt grabbing the front wheel’s fender guard.

ONE HANDED WHEELIE –wheelie with one hand. Left hand usually off clip on

Sidesaddle wheelie– sitting sidesaddle with both legs on one side while wheeling.

Sidesaddle Tank wheelie– sitting sidesaddle on the tank while wheeling.

HIGH CHAIR WHEELIE – legs over the handlebar two handed wheelie

CandyBar / Banana Split– One leg over the handlebar, one leg on the peg stand up wheelie.

Crossed Highchair wheelie– sitting over handlebar with legs crossed wheelie.

TAIL GRAB -One handed stunt involving the left hand holding onto the tail section/tail light

12 o Clock Wheelie -stand up or sit down wheelie with the front wheel pointing straight up vertically at a 90 degree angle from the pavement.

10 o clock Wheelie – this is a basic wheelie angle to achieve. Most balance points can be met around this area.

FENDER DRAG – 12 o clock wheelie or more until rear fender scrapes against the ground, or cut off fender and pull by rope.

Rear Peg Wheelie – stand up wheelie on the rear pegs

one legged side wheelie – standing on one side of bike with legs spread out while doing a wheelie.

TANK WHEELIE – wheelie sit on the tank.

TONY SHAGDADDY COMBO WHEELIE – 2n gear stand up wheelie while changing lanes in traffic , signaling, flashing the high beams on and off, and honking

One Handed Superman Wheelie – One handed wheelie with legs off the pegs, laying down with stomach on gas tank, legs splayed out behind you, flicking off the camera

Surfer-Boy Wheelie– Standing with one foot on seat and one foot on tank wheelie.

Lazy-E Boy Wheelie– sitting over handlebars, laying back on tank and doing a no look wheelie.

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Endo(stoppie): to stop a moving motorcycle on front wheel so the rear wheel is raised in the air while the machine is balanced on the front tire.

Rolling Endo – reverse wheelie with the rear wheel in the air while rolling to a stop on the front wheel.

Crowning Endo/ cross up Stoppie – sitting over the handlebar and doing a rolling Endo.

Tank Stoppie – sitting on gas tank stoppie.

Fender Grab Stoppie– One handed stoppie while reaching over the front and grabbing the front fender.

Tail Grab Stoppie – One handed stoppie with left hand holding onto tail section.

Skitch Stoppie – skitching off the side of the bike while bike is doing a rolling endo right next to you.

Crossed-over Stoppie – doing a one handed stoppie with the RIGHT hand off the brakes, and braking with the left hand.

Weber Stoppie– 346 feet rolling endo at about 120 mph.

Sloppy Stoppie– badly attempted stoppie where the front wheel skids instead of rolling. Too much weight on the rear, and not enough over the front.

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Christ – Standing on either tank or seat while assuming the pose of jesus christ.

LEAP OF FAITH – standing on seat, and taking as high of a leap as possible into the air to land onto the tank.

Leap Of Death – Standing on the rear passenger seat and jumping to the tank.

Switchback – while riding down the road, jump or climb around so that your back is facing the front of the bike and riding backwards.

Reverse Christ– doing a christ while facing toward the tail of the bike.

Skitching – sliding on your feet off to either sides of the bike or the rear of the bike.

Arch – two man skitching side by side with their feet touching each other forming an arch.

Jedi Knight – Rodeo style skitching on the right side of the bike, kicking your feet up and over the bike then landing on the other side and still skitching.

Tank handstand– doing a hand stand on the tank while rolling down the street.

switch back hand stand– reverse handstand on the tank or seat while going down the road. A switch back into a handstand combo.

NIC NAC Stand up wheelie with right leg braced against the rear cowl and knee perfectly aligned with bike while hanging off the left side for dear life looking like a monkey on an elephant

FLAMINGO – standing on seat with one leg sticking out behind you wheelie

ROLLING BURN OUT – rolling burn out while standing on feet pegs. Weight over front handle bars/clip-ones.

Cross up burn out– sitting on handlebar doing a rolling burnout.

Lay-Z Boy– Sit on tank and slide back to a laying position.

Elevator – Jumping from the foot pegs to the tank into a Christ.

The Canadian Spin – Really fast tight circular burn out.

The Droppie – Unintentionally dumping your bike in any form or fashion.

Static Burnout : To do a burnout the rider must engage his front brakes .He must shift his 50% of his body weight to the front by placing his chest towards the tank and applying pressure on the handle bar through his shoulders so that he can lock the front fork simultaneously he must raise the throttle to a minimum of 6500 rpm and slowly release the clutch by this technique the rear wheel starts to spins rapidly resulting in smoke

Suicide Burnout : Burnout with the rider dismounted and standing in front of the motorcycle.

Chainsaw : An extreme form of Burnout performed by the stunner standing beside a motorcycle laying on its side holding the motorcycle exclusively by the right handle bar. Then causing the bike to "orbit" around the rider while maintaining control during the burnout.

Merry-Go-Round : Rider lays the bike on its side and climbs onto it. The rider then leans back on the bike while holding the throttle, causing the bike to spin round while doing a burnout.

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· Always wear safety equipments e.g. helmet, chest protector, knee pad, leathers with a spine protector. If you are trying to do fire stunts then wear fire resistant equipment.

· Try your stunts on dirt first it give less chance to hurt your body and you will not get the awful road rash.

· First you take training from some training centre and do stunts under professional’s custody.

· Join any stunt team from which you can learn many things from professionals while on tour.

· Do more practice for your stunts and aware when you are trying to do stunts. make sure that stunts are preplanned. Also make contingency plan in case your equipment or other failure.

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