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  • Choose budget : this is very important points to buyer first of all you just choose your budget in which range you are able to buy a bike.
  • Choose your (purpose)area where you generally ride your bike and how much distance you cover per day: now this is to remember that if you are buy a bike where you will use I mean rough use daily or more than 20,30 km per day or you want to use in rural area or on that road which are not so suitable for bike (road effects on bikes engine’s life).
  • Select some model: In your range select some bikes model hardly two or three it may easy to choose bike.
  • Choose exactly what you want(look or engine or both): Choose your choice what exactly you want that style or engine performance or both in first case you will have more choice in second case there will have but not more in third case there are rare case that company give style and good performance but its possible that style and engine both are in average category. here engine means talking about mileage chose that bike in which mileage is if not so good then it should not so bad.
  • Check maintenance of bike: check out the maintenance of that bike it should not be more because every bike wants servicing almost in 3 months or depends on km you ride .high cost bike high maintenance and low with low.
  • Compare if you have two or more models in mind: Suppose you have chose more than 2 or 3 models just compare in that bikes and find out the good one of your requirement.
  • Read reviews about bikes and ask to the experts: Read reviews of those bikes and read what are the customer’s opinion.
  • Check out company’s old model performance: what you have selected model go to the old previous model of that company and checked out the performance of that model or customer’s complain and it is removed or not.
  • Test ride: take the test riding of that bike what you have chosen its satisfactory to you or not now go ahead.
  • Go with safe ride: Now you are ready to go for a nice ride but remember safety is necessary for rider so go with safe ride.


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